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Executives and Managers can harness the power of Computer Telephony Integration with our Executive Softphone Suite. Easy to use single click dialing of Outlook® contacts, E-mail senders, phone numbers in Task notes, E-mail bodies and Calendar Entries.

These included softphones allows you to completely control your telephone, giving you the ability to dial, answer, hold, transfer, conference, speed dial, and review and dial from your call history. 

These soft phones register as a system tray toolbars. They are designed to provide maximum functionality while consuming the least amount precious desktop real estate.
Products With Windows VistaTM you can enable the built in Whitefeld Softphone Sidebar Gadget.  
Products The Standard Softphone works with Windows VistaTM or Windows XP.

This phone can be used with or without the Windows VistaTM  Sidebar Softphone.

  This Outlook Adapter requires a supported PBX. The software is not designed for home use or companies with less than 10 users.
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