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 Click-To-Dial from Outlook,
 Internet Explorer or Clipboard

 Screen Pop

 TAPI or Envox CT Connect

  Internet Explorer Dialing
The Dragon Dialer finds phone numbers in Internet Explorer Web Pages and highlights them. Once you move your mouse over a highlighted phone number, you can dial it with a click.

Outlook Click-To-Dial
The Dragon Dialer allows you to dial your contacts with a single click. Or to leverage Outlook's embedded Journal features, utilize the Phone Icon to dial your contacts and keep track of call notes and times.

Explorer Dial Band
Dial from the clipboard, keyboard or drag-and-drop phone numbers to dial them.

Programmable Capabilities
Add dialing capabilities to your applications simply and easily through Dragon's built in SDK and Scriptable Interface.

Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista, Outlook 2003/2007 and the Avaya IP Office, CT Connect or a  TAPI driver.

Microsoft and Outlook are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Avaya is a registred trademark of Avaya Inc. Intel is a registred trademark of Intel Corp. CTConnect is a trademark or registered trademark of the Envox Group.
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