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  Our software provides productivity boosts for both the Contact Center industry and individuals by maximizing the use of existing investments and putting companies on the latest proven technologies. Our products and team of professionals are dedicated to helping you best serve your customers and making the most of your day.  
       The System Integration Server is an advanced client server based Computer Telephony application designed to increase your customer's loyalty and satisfaction, maximize your existing technology investments, and lower your training and IT Support costs.
     The Attendant Console automates many tasks for Receptionists or Executive Secretaries. Receptionists can monitor company phones and visually see whether or not people are on the phone or available for a call. With a couple of clicks, Receptionists can Transfer and Conference in callers with the proper Subject Matter Experts.  
  The Dragon Dialer is a program that allows you to dial from any Internet Explorer page, Outlook®, any TAPI compliant program, using Avaya IP Office, or the many TAPI and Envox CT connect supported PBX platforms.  
      Innovative, full featured and low profile, our Agent Softphones allow agents to control their telephone from the computer to keep their eyes focused on the customer's data.
  The Executive Softphones harnesses the power of the PBX, allowing Executives and Managers to benefit from advanced, time saving features typically used by Call Center Agents. With the Executive Softphone, you can Dial Contacts with a single click, Single Click-To-Dial E-mail senders while reading their E-mail and utilize both the Windows VistaTM Sidebar and Embedded Outlook® 2007 and 2003 softphones.  
  Push Dynamic Customer Data to your IP Phones with Whitefeld's IP Phone Push Technology.  You can push Customer Data, Graphics, and Web Pages to your IP Phone - all without having the computer turned on!  
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